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The Maid that Milked Me

My parents divorced when I was 11, and my father has never had any desire to remarry or do housework. He’s a great cook, but he hires people to clean his condo and do his laundry. He once told me that he only hires women that he doesn’t find attractive, so that he doesn’t get himself into any trouble. There was one maid that he may not have been turned on by, but I sure was.

When I was 19, I stayed with my father briefly before moving away to go to college in another state. His maid came into the condo and started cleaning, unaware that I had moved in. My father was never home at that hour, so she thought she had the place to herself. Her phone rang and she answered. She got very flirty in the conversation and it turned to phone sex. I could hear everything she was saying. I walked as quietly to my bedroom doorway as I could and peeked out to see her in the living room.

She was just in casual clothes, not some sexy maid uniform, but that didn’t matter. I heard her giggle then watched as she popped her big tits out of her t-shirt and told her boyfriend that yes, she had done it. She then pushed her jeans down and spread her fat thighs. I watched her reach down to finger her hairy pussy. She moaned into the phone and I was rock hard.

As she was having phone sex, I was jerking off to her. When it was time to blow my load, I shot it onto my carpet, then tossed dirty clothes over it. Once her clothes were back on and she was working again, I snuck back to my bed. She was surprised when she came into my room, but I pretended to just be waking up, as though I had no idea about her naughty antics. I watched as she cleaned up my dirty clothes and vacuumed over the cum spot.

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